Training Times – Winter 2019

Due to the Easter Monday training starts week beginning 29th April 2019

Under 8 – Monday 6.30pm MWPS (C. Chan)
Under 10 – Tuesday 6.30pm MWPS (A. Mendoza)
Under 12 White – Monday 6.30pm MWPS (M. Lanham)
Under 12 Green – Monday 7.30pm MWPS (D. Choudhury)
Under 14 White – Monday 7.30pm MWPS (F. Chan)
Under 14 Green – Tuesday 7.30pm MWPS (A. Mendoza)
Under 16 – Tuesday 7.30pm MWPS (A. Mendoza)

Training Venues
With Oakleigh Recreational Centre (ORC) undergoing renovations we are now training at Mt Waverley Primary School (MWPS).

Non training teams
Under 16’s and older with experienced players have an option of being a non-training team. These teams have a reduced registration fee as well.