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Beginning Basketball – Basics – Catching & Passing

As a new season starts we explore how we at Frogs Basketball envision we assist in a player beginning basketball and the basics involved from a club perspective.

For many players and families starting out who may not have any basketball background it can be a daunting challenge on trying to understand what to look for in basketball program and how to set expectations in the first season or two. It is easy to over or under estimate the ability of your child and therefore place unnecessary pressure and unrealistic expectations on them. An experienced coach should be able to help you identify where your child is and help with an outline of fundamentals that they can begin to work on developing as a player.

Like any skills the correct repetition is required, some more than others, before establishing confidence in the skill to be able to utilize it in a pressure situation in a basketball game. During our Frogs Basketball training sessions for new and returning players we strive to teach basic basketball fundamentals via our drills that can be repeated at home in the drive way or backyard, at school or at the local park.

It is our hope that your child develops a passion to spend as much time as they can spare to become the best basketball player they can over time.


The best basketball players can catch a ball with confidence. Beginning at a young age children can be provide with balls and other suitable objects which they can be encouraged to enjoy throwing and catching to themselves or with others. With sufficient repetition and persistence over time players will develop the eye-hand coordination required to be able to catch the ball (and any objects in general) in various situations within a basketball game including:

  • High and low passes and anything in between.
  • Catching with either hand or both hands when necessary.
  • Catching while on the move in any direction.
  • Continuing into a shot, pass or dribble immediately after catching the ball.
  • Catching with traffic and distractions.


Sometimes a picture Youtube video can speak a 1000 words.

Basketball being a team orientated sport, with only 5 individuals on the same side, is a critical and often under appreciated part of the game. Learning how to pass a basketball with precision, strength and a variety of techniques helps simplify the offensive game of basketball forcing opposing teams to work as harder on every possession.

From Day 1 players can focus on the correct fundamentals of good passing:

  • Learning to pass with two hands AND both hands individually.
  • Practicing a variety of passing including chest passes, bounce passes, overhead passes and more. Check out the video below!
  • Having their eyes up to spot opportunities.
  • Stepping thru with their footwork, extending their arms and ‘snapping’ their wrists on every pass.
  • Passing with balance, speed and strength, relative to their age and ability on every pass.
  • Focusing on taking pride on hitting ‘targets’ on their chest, hands or in anticipation of their movements so that every pass is caught.

We hope that players take away these fundamentals and practice in their own time in the driveway, backyard or school with a passing partner where possible or against any suitable wall available.

At Frogs Basketball we always encourage coaches to teach players to learn to pass the ball to team mates early in possessions, where they are in better positions on the floor, without hesitation. Building a team culture where players selflessly make the best play, often being a pass, for each other develops sustainable team success and a balanced offensive attack.