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Beginning Basketball – Basics – Lay Ups

As a new season starts we explore how we at Frogs Basketball envision we assist in a player beginning basketball and the basics involved from a club perspective.

For many players and families starting out who may not have any basketball background it can be a daunting challenge on trying to understand what to look for in basketball program and how to set expectations in the first season or two. It is easy to over or under estimate the ability of your child and therefore place unnecessary pressure and unrealistic expectations on them. An experienced coach should be able to help you identify where your child is and help with an outline of fundamentals that they can begin to work on developing as a player.

Like any skills the correct repetition is required, some more than others, before establishing confidence in the skill to be able to utilize it in a pressure situation in a basketball game. During our Frogs Basketball training sessions for new and returning players we strive to teach basic basketball fundamentals via our drills that can be repeated at home in the drive way or backyard, at school or at the local park.

It is our hope that your child develops a passion to spend as much time as they can spare to become the best basketball player they can over time.

Lay Up Basics

Scoring is often the most popular aspect of playing basketball for many players. The importance of learning and developing the correct fundamentals to score is invaluable for a player to achieve their potential at the offensive end of the floor. Being able to score from many various places on the floor, in a wide range of situations of pressure, lack of pressure, fatigue and opposition skill means practicing different forms shooting is an area that virtually is limitless in options.

“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.”

Layups are often the first shooting technique taught at a junior level. They are easier to master being the closest shot a player is able to take at the basket along with the ability to utilize the backboard to assist in a successful attempt. These shots convert into easy points for a team at all levels of the game especially when players are not strong enough to shoot the ball, correctly, accurately and at further distances.

Emphasis on the following points is a good start for a player to get into ‘good’ habits:

  • Gathering and securing the ball in your hands so you are ready to shoot.
  • Starting from the block, learning the correct angle to approach the basket so that you are able to utilize the backboard.
  • Getting into the habit of the ‘correct’ footwork and taking 2 steps to leap of the opposite foot to hand which you will use to shoot from.
  • Practicing both hands / feet so you are shooting layups on the right side with your right hand / left foot and left side with your left hand / right foot.
  • Aiming to target gently the top corner of the square the backboard.
  • Jumping and finishing with a full extension of your shooting arm.

Once mastering the basics layups can often be changed to add a wider repertoire of moves for a player including:

  • Making the shot with ‘opposite’ and ‘same’ foot and hand techniques.
  • Reverse layups.
  • Layups approaching the basketball from various angles.
  • Successfully finishing a layup whilst playing at faster game speeds and varying opposition pressure.
  • Finishing a layup while absorbing contact.