Frogs Girls Basketball Clinics FAQ

To assist parents and participants with the Frogs Girls Basketball clinics we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers.

If you have other questions about Frogs Basketball please contact us.

What do I wear and bring to Frogs Girls Basketball?
Participants should be dressed in shorts and wear runners or basketball shoes. Bringing your named size 6 basketball and a water bottle is a good idea too.

Why have an all-girls basketball program?

Extracurricular, all girls’ basketball programs are not all that common and most existing programs see predominantly male participants. This may at times create an environment where some young girls feel less comfortable and confident. After noticing this, Frogs Girls Basketball was created with the goal of providing a safe and comfortable space where girls can feel valued and celebrated as young basketballers. Frogs Girls Basketball aims to create an inclusive environment for young girls, where they can feel confident to come out of their shell, learn new skills and have fun.

What do we do at Frogs Girls Basketball? Will it be suitable for my child?
Frogs Girls Basketball is a week-by-week program lead by qualified and experienced coaches. Participants will learn skills such as passing, dribbling, shooting, and rebounding. These skills will be taught in a fun and engaging atmosphere. Participants are placed in groups, when possible, with other participants of a similar age / skill to learn together.

What if my child doesn’t like Frogs Girls Basketball?
Firstly you can start by simply signing up for a casual pass ($5 a session). If your child doesn’t enjoy our program after 2 sessions you don’t have to persist. However we do recommend 2 sessions as children can often be very nervous at their first session especially if they are unfamiliar with other players and the coaches.

How do I register?
All participants must be registered prior to their first session. Registrations can be completed online only. Each term returning participants are required to register again.

How do I pay?
Frogs Beginner Basketball does not offer cash payments on the day. All registrations must be completed via the website.

Does Frogs Girls Basketball run during the school holidays?
No. Frogs Girls Basketball is run during school terms only. We do offer other holiday camps which can be found on our website or Facebook page.