Little Dribblers – Practice Videos

Moving off the ball. Watch our Little Dribblers Siella, Coby and Lilah with mum – Angelique, demonstrate leading into space and receiving the basketball.

Passing off the dribble. Little Dribbler Jackson, with mum Jenny, demonstrating the correct way to pass after dribbling.

Dribbling Part 2. Watch Little Dribbler Cameron and his dad – Darren demonstrate dribbling without watching the basketball.

Dribbling. Work on your dribbling skills by keeping the ball on your finger tips.

Passing. Watch our little dribbler Rebecca and her mother Anne demonstrate what we learnt! It is great to practise your passing as often as possible.

Shooting. Watch our Little Dribblers, Stella and Sophia demonstrate what we learnt about shooting techniques.

Ball Handling. Here is a daily drill you can do at home that will improve ball handling skills. Practise these simple fingertip exercises with your child to improve ball control! Watch our little dribbler Joel and his dad Tony demonstrate!