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Meet the Coach – Damon Monopoli

Damon Monopoli

Current team
U10 Black

What do you love about the game of basketball?
What I love most is that everyone gets involved. With 5 players in such a small area, everyone gets to have a go. You don’t have to be a high scorer, you just need to be a contributor. Sometimes the lowest scorer may be the best defender or the best passer.

What got you into coaching? How long have you been coaching?
I started assisting the coach with the Frogs when my eldest son Dillon first started playing. I took over for a period when the coach went away overseas  and loved it. When the opportunity to get involved came up again, thanks to the support of the other parents, I jumped at the opportunity.

What is the buzz factor you get from coaching?
The ‘buzz’ is simply seeing the huge smiles on the kids faces and the little wins you get every week with them. Whether it is an improvement in an individual or seeing the team culture develop and being able to contribute to those things as the coach is special.

How can parents support you? Keep doing what they do?
The parents of the kids I coach are the best. They are there at all the games cheering away and supporting all the kids on the team. Ensuring their kids can do a little bit of training at home a couple or more times a week can make a massive difference.

What is your passion outside of basketball?
My kids are my world and my passion. They are my best little mates. Anything involving them is always good fun. I love playing golf despite being very average at it . Snow Boarding in Winter and Sailing in Summer are my other interest.

Tell us something that we would be surprised to find out about you?
I have a knack of being in the right place at the right time and got to meet many famous people from The Queen, Prime Ministers – Hawke, Keating, Fraser, Whitlam and Rudd and my all time favourite was Bono the lead singer from U2. Bono pulled my then 3 year old eldest son from the crowd outside of a hotel in Queensland and proceeded to meet people, do TV and press interviews whilst holding him with me next to him.

If you could attend one event in the world, all expenses paid, what would it be?
I think having a fantastic seat watching the Monaco Grand Prix would do it for me. Aside from the race, the atmosphere and location would be just brilliant.