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Meet the Coach – Fau-Zii Chan

Fau-Zii Chan

Current team
I help coach all the junior U10 to U14 teams at Frogs Basketball Club this season.

What do you love about the game of basketball?
I thought it was the most exciting game I’d ever seen when I was in primary school when I saw MJ dunk on Ewing, Shaq break the backboard and NBA was on TV every Saturday morning. Since then it’s been a sport I think that’s similar to life in general where the amount of effort and determination you put in can be rewarded, but things don’t always go right, however despite this when working together a group of like minded individuals can be successful in achieving a shared goal.

What got you into coaching? How long have you been coaching?
After finishing playing junior basketball and a break for several years I had some extra time and I thought I’d give coaching a go when I was lucky enough to be offered an Under 12’s team at the Waverley Falcons. 11 years or so later I’m still going coaching Representative, Domestic and at local schools too.

What is the buzz factor you get from coaching?
With some hard work, sweat and tears at times (usually from running too much seems to be the feedback) helping players learn to develop a love for the game. When they put it all together as individual players and then collectively as a team so that they be successful in playing to the last game of the season.

How can parents support you?
Encourage their players to pick up a basketball and work on all their fundamental skills increasing their difficulty as they grow confident in their game. Developing a ‘have a go’ and ‘always trying your best’ mindset. Staying patient, positive and even keeled despite of wins and losses that occur and respecting a coaches role and the week-to-week and season long plan which they attempt to implement.

What is your passion outside of basketball?
I enjoy sleeping, traveling and eating out. Sounds like a basketball road trip a little bit.

Tell us something that we would be surprised to find out about you?
My primary school didn’t have a basketball team so I had to play netball for two years until I changed schools.

If you could attend one event in the world, all expenses paid, what would it be?
After some recent enquiries about NBA All-Star game tickets it seems that, based on the 5 digit prices per court side ticket, if someone wanted to cover my families costs to LA 2018 I’d sign up today.