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Meet the Coach – Nick Mitchell

Nick Mitchell

Current team
Under 16s.

What do you love about the game of basketball?
I love the imperfect nature of the game in that no matter how much you do right, there is always more you could have done. It is a sport of constant improvement. It also has a high dependency on each player’s ability, as with only 5 players, it is integral that each person play their role. Every player has a purpose and contribution to a game, regardless of what the scoreboard may suggest.

What got you into coaching? How long have you been coaching?
I was approached to do coaching after an extended stint away from the sport due to injury. I viewed it as an exciting opportunity to be around the game I once loved in a different capacity. Funnily enough, it ended up re-sparking the fire I once had and I actively pursued playing again. This current season is only my second season but I was fortunate to be a rookie coach that ended up winning the grand final with his team.

What is the buzz factor you get from coaching?
I’m a teacher in my day to day work so I’ve always found a sense of purpose in guiding youth in learning opportunities. I find so much value in competitive sport and to be able to share what I have learnt through my 10 years of playing is incredible. The major buzz factor comes from watching my players implement training schemes or find success through their hard work.

How can parents support you?
Parents are integral to our success as they contribute to many of the unsung efforts that make up a basketball team. I always encourage discussion as we mutually want what is best for the players. Time is a precious commodity and time spent on the court can be as valuable as you make it. Whether it be a casual pursuit or something more, I can always tailor a personal goal for each player and a parent assisting that would never be declined.

What is your passion outside of basketball?
I was, and still am (when time permits), an avid gamer. I have spent a good portion of my life (not an exaggeration) playing video games and love discussing or playing them with others.

Tell us something that we would be surprised to find out about you?
Despite heading overseas several times and visiting a variety of countries I have never visited another Australian capital besides Melbourne.

If you could attend one event in the world, all expenses paid, what would it be?
Definitely an NBA finals series. The finals are a guaranteed venue to have the best players playing their best basketball and you’d be witnessing games that go down in the history books. Plus courtside tickets are expensive, along with accommodation, so I’ve got to milk this question.