Summer 2018/19 Award Winners

Congratulations to all our award winners! Event photos can be found on our Facebook page:

Most Valuable Player – Khush Patel
Most Improved Player – William Hetherington

Defensive Player Award – Lachie Burk
Most Improved Player – Elliot Li

U12 White
Most Valuable Player – Rochane Fernando
Coaches Award – Will Amiatu

U12 Green
Most Valuable Player – Harry Geri
Most Improved Player – Jayath Fernando

U14 White
Coaches Award – Cameron Tassone
Coaches Award – Nicholas Hollenbach

U14 Green
Coaches Award – George Ligeris
Most Valuable Player – Oscar Oorloff

U14 Black
Most Valuable Player – Alexander Kourkouridis
Most Valuable Player – George Pappas

Most Improved Player – Haddi El Shorbagy
Most Valuable Player – Dom Parsons

5 season
Craig Monopoli
Jason Mavroudis
Dion Diaz
Alexander Hollenbach

10 season
Jeremy Pekar