Team Managers

Team managers play an important role assisting the coach and team with several aspects leading up to the game and on game day. Some roles a team manager plays includes:

  • Rostering families to score each week at the game
  • Organizing a parent roster to assist at trainings
  • Collecting money for team sheets
  • Pick up and return alternate uniforms when there is a colour clash
  • Helping to setup social events for team bonding
  • Generally assisting the coach and players

Each team is required to have a team manager, usually a parent of one of the players. Frogs Basketball would like to thank all team managers who have volunteered for this important role.

Alternate Uniforms

WBA policy stipulates that the 2nd team listed on the fixture is required to wear an alternate uniform. Uniform clashes only occur against Waverley Comets teams. Team managers should contact the club office to organize collection of a set of uniforms for their teams a minimum of 3 days before they are required. Uniforms should be returned washed and in good condition within 3 days after the game.

Game Sheets

Team managers are required to collect money from all players for their game day team sheet. This is often done with a ‘kitty’ system. Inline with COVID19 guidelines as of 2021, at Waverley Basketball, this amount is $75 per game and now paid to the club. Frogs Basketball will be in touch with team manager with details on how to transfer this payments to us.

Team Manager Documents

Download helpful team manager documents which can be found here.