Club News

Winter 2020 season cancelled

Unfortunately due to the second lock down and restrictions Melbourne is currently in WBA have decided to cancel the Winter 2020 season.

Understandably everyone is disappointed with this outcome however Frogs Basketball will begin to turn their attention to Summer 2020-21 season.

Junior sports and basketball when it returns will be noticeable different as we learn to live with and manage safety requirements due to COVID19. Check out this short video WBA has put together on changes they have already implemented that meet these guidelines.

All Winter season registrations will automatically be rolled over to the next season. There is likely to be some pricing changes with the implementation of PlayHQ by Basketball Victoria and these will be adjusted accordingly.

Any families that are not returning for the Summer season are able to contact us for a refund before 31st July 2020. Please note the refund administration fee is applicable as a lot of work has already been put into the Winter season.

More information regarding the Summer season will be released soon.

We wish all Frogs members the best through these current challenging situations and hope you look after yourselves and remain active at home.