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Working together to be safer – COVID19 training guidelines

In preparation for basketball training to resume at Mt Waverley Primary School the following summary of COVID19 guidelines have been prepared, in line with all information provided by Basketball Victoria, for coaches, team managers, players and parents to adhere to.

Upon arrival for players

  • Players are to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before training starts and wait outside.
  • When there is team training before you, players should wait outside until the previous team(s) have left.
  • Players are to sign into training providing their name, parents name and a contact number. Younger players may require parent assistance.
  • Players are to clean their hands with hand sanitizer (supplied).
  • Players are to bring their own labelled basketballs. Basketballs should be wiped down with antibacterial wipes (supplied) prior to use.
  • Players are to bring their own labelled and filled drink bottles. Drink bottles should not be shared.
  • Players should ensure they follow hygiene guidelines regarding coughing and sneezing.
  • Players are not permitted to make unnecessary physical contact with others including hi 5s.
  • Players should not attend training if they are feeling unwell, displaying potential COVID19 symptoms, have returned from overseas within 14 days or have visited or from a currently restricted postcode.

Upon arrival for parents

  • Assist your player to sign in (as necessary).
  • Each team is permitted the coach and team manager to be in attendance only.
  • If the team manager is unavailable an interim team manager should be available for the training session. The coach should not be left unsupported during training.
  • Unless you are the team manager (or interim team manager) all parents are not permitted in the training court area and required to wait outside / in their car until the conclusion of training.
  • Please ensure you adhere to social distancing guide lines while outside.

At the conclusion of training

  • Players should leave the training area promptly once training is completed so that the next team can enter. Therefore it is imperative that parents are in attendance to collect their players on time.

Should there be any questions regarding this document please contact us.

Download this document as a PDF.

Download training attendance PDF.